About myself:

My name is Verena Rueckert,
I am 43 years old and live together with my husband and my puppy in San Francisco.
I am from Germany and moved to the Bay Area in 2008.
Verena and Family
Verena with baby
I have 20 years experience in childcare and 10 years experience working as a pediatric nurse in Germany, where I worked mostly in-home care with families to assist with their children. I also worked as a pediatric nurse in an amazing school in Munich for children with disabilities.
In my career, I learned a lot while working hand in hand with occupational therapists, physical therapists, teachers, doctors, and parents.
I had many advanced training classes including Infant Handling, Basal Stimulation, Kinesiology, Baby Massage, Shiatsu, Communication, Psychology, Intensive Home Care, annual Supervision Seminars, and annual/biannual CPR Certification.
I also have a lot of personal experience in finding natural ways to heal and life a happy life. I have diabetes and I was always interested and active learning about alternative medicine, herbs, and food as medicine. And I love to cook.
Here in the US, I worked many years as a special needs nanny. My postpartum doula training I did in January 2017 at
Natural Resources,
a wonderful community place in San Francisco with the best doula training in the Bay Area. Since February 2018
I am a member of
San Francisco Doula Group.
Happy Family
Verena with Baby

About my work as postpartum doula and baby consultant:

With my medical background, special trainings, personal and professional experience I am a specialist for young families in situations they need some help. I love my work and I am happy to share all the information, tips, and tricks I learned.
I can help you understand your child, find the problems and help to solve them. I am a supporter in difficult situations and able to help with special needs.
In case you are not sure if you need help or to figure out what your needs are, please talk to me!
Call me or send me an email with your questions or to get a free phone appointment 415-471-5223 info@bumblebeesf.com



There is no one like Verena! She transformed our lives- she took care of us and our baby in too many caring and competent ways to even list here. Her warmth, competence, energy, and commitment are unparalleled. Our baby had special medical needs. The combination of Verena's generosity and her experience as a pediatric nurse were a true godsend for us. She was like the sister we don't have- if you could create a sister who's held and comforted countless babies, gives massages, makes your bed, cleans the kitchen, and makes your baby giggle. She just did whatever needed to be done. We learned so much from her. But really, for us, the most important thing was that we trusted her 1000% with our baby. The positive impact of that on our mental and physical health cannot be overstated. Verena rescued us, countless times. We recommend her to anyone without reservation.

-7/6/2019 - S.K.

Verena is absolutely fantastic to work with, is very reliable, and we completely trust her with our daughter. When she is with our daughter she is fully present. She is proactive in solving for anything that comes up. Verena is very knowledgeable and has lots of tricks and tools for troubleshooting. She is also incredibly positive and really enjoys her time with our daughter. In helping me and my husband, she's been incredibly responsive and wants to be as helpful as she can be. She has a great attitude and understands the balance of taking good care and being very careful with our baby while also understanding that with babies you have to go with the flow and not be overly uptight. She has given us both great practical advice as well as emotional support and advice that has really helped shape my experience with my daughter. I look forward to continuing to work with her and absolutely recommend her to anyone else looking for amazing support.

-7/8/2017 - F.J.

"Verena was a huge help. I had some difficulties breast feeding in the second month of my daughter's life and needed extra help to stay healthy. She taught me the basics of taking care of my baby which gave me more confidence (how to change her diaper, hold her, calm her, put her down for a nap, etc.). She also reduced my stress level by giving advice, chatting, and good massages. She helped out around the house when necessary and held my baby when I took showers. She came twice a week for a couple of hours. She is fantastic with babies and has lots of great ideas on how solve whatever issues you may be having. I would highly recommend her to any mother."

-5/30/2017 - Melissa P.

"Verena combines an in-depth knowledge about babies, their physiology, their development, their needs, with a lovely, warm personality. She gave me so many insightful tips when our daughter was just born and through that really helped ease a lot of the burden that you feel as a new parent. Be it how to hold the baby to relieve stomach discomfort, what to do about constipation, and how to handle a baby in the best way to prevent any future issues, Verena will provide you with the best advice. Also, she knows a lot about natural medicines (e.g. herbal) which will be of great value if you don't want to relieve baby's discomforts and minor health problems with all those medicines containing coloring, dyes and sweeteners. I really like that she refers to herself as a "Baby Consultant" now - because that's what she truly is :)."

-5/3/2017 - Julia Q.

"I hired Verena when my baby was already 6 weeks old and I loved it! It wasn't that I had a certain issue or problem, but that I just wanted overall help and assurance that I'm doing things 'right'. She came twice a week and helped me with whatever needed help, baby holding, changing diapers, light clean up, and we did a lot of chatting. We would talk about how things went with my son and she'd answer any of my questions. She gave me a lot of tips and tricks that I'm still following when holding the baby or changing his diapers, and many other things. She definitely knows how to handle babies and these are things you don't learn in any class. Also, if baby was happily sleeping, she'd give me a massage which felt so good. It felt nice to open up to someone who has so much experience with infants and learn from her. She's a ton of knowledge and experience with babies and you can sense that."

-5/14/2017 - Malin D.