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As a pp doula

I assist you with your baby within the first few weeks after birth or at any time you need support with your child.
I also offer Prenatal Yoga at IYI San Francisco on Tuesdays or as private sessions to book please contact me via email
or phone.
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The service I provide:

  • Assistance, teaching, and advice on postpartum recovery, overall information, relaxing techniques, emotional support, etc.
  • Assistance, teaching, and advice on newborn care, including infant handling, bathing, soothing techniques, baby-massage, developmental support, kinesiology, bedding, sleep, etc.
  • Nurturing the family, reassurance and mental support, foot massage, guided meditation, Shiatsu, Reiki, tips on how to connect with your baby in beautiful ways
  • Assistance on breastfeeding
  • Accompany the family on medical appointments
  • Light household cleaning, pet care, running errands
  • Sibling care or newborn care so you have time for yourself and your family
  • Assistance and advice on nutrition and meal preparation - food as medicine
  • Providing information on local parenting resources
  • Sleep environment consulting
  • Prenatal Yoga is a uniquely designed yoga practice that is not just an ideal form of exercise for pregnant people, but also a great way to calm the mind and connect with your baby. Focusing on breathing, pelvic floor and core strengthening, Prenatal yoga can prevent or relieve common discomfort and prepare for delivery.

Covid-19 update on Postpartum Doula Service

My postpartum Doula service is intimate and personal and I care about my clients very much. For that reason I offer virtual online consulting besides of in-person support.

Covid - Guidlines:

  • Practice social distancing outside of client support
  • Disinfecting hands before I come into your home, wash hands thoroughly on arrival at your home, and frequently throughout each visit
  • Avoid touching my eyes, nose, and mouth and wear a mask
  • Use your cleaning products to wipe down surfaces in your home when we arrive, and again before I leave
  • I will change clothes before I come to your home, and between clients
  • Check myself daily for fever and test the sense of smell/taste
  • Bring nothing from the outside into your home (baby carriers, bags, blankets, etc.)
  • Cancel immediately and switch to remote support or try to find a backup doula, if I or anyone in my home, or anyone who I have been in contact with, shows symptoms
  • Wear gloves and mask while I am in your home, if you’d prefer
  • Provide physical distancing even within your home – I can offer guidance and ideas, give breastfeeding support, prepare food, fold laundry, and do household organization from a distance while you rest and snuggle with your baby; I can have as little or as much contact with the baby as you’d prefer
  • Provide virtual support, if you’d prefer (guidance and ideas, processing, emotional support, breastfeeding information can all be given virtually)
I now offer prenatal yoga sessions, which is a great way to prevent and reduce common discomfort during pregnancy and prepares you for birth. I have also great tools to calm your mind and to connect with your baby. When your little one arrived we will have regular check-ins, I help you with breastfeeding, give tips for soothing your baby and I offer meal/snack ideas. I can give you suggestion what to eat to support healing and milk supply and help you with ordering your groceries. We will talk about your health and well being and anything and everything what crosses your mind. For questions I will be available 24/7 to give you the peace of mind you need as a new parent.

Your baby is born and you need immediate support? Even just for a few hours to get answers to so many questions you have, get reassurance that you do everything right in this new world of parenthood, or just to catch up on sleep and taking time for yourself? You can book my service per hour (rate is between $40 and $45 per hour, with a minimum of 2 times 3 hour session - does not apply for virtual online service) contact me to check my availabilities. If I am not available, I am part of the wonderful San Francisco Doula Group and happy to help you find the right doula for you.
You are not sure what your needs will be? Talk to me! I offer a free 15 min. phone consultation.
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Packages I offer:

Good Start:
10 hours postpartum support
& teaching
1 free prenatal visit(1h)
25 hours postpartum support
& teaching
1 free prenatal visit(2h)
45 hours postpartum support
& teaching
1 free prenatal visit(2h)

for my service:

  • Postpartum time to heal takes usually 4-6 weeks
  • I usually provide only daytime support, aditional hours and half-night support can be booked on short notice, depending on my availability.
  • One in person session is 3-4 h long, often 2-4 times a week but flexible to your needs
  • The virtual online session is minimum 1 hour and as needed (usually several times a week)
  • We will plan the schedule together week by week on your needs and preference. I will be available for questions at all times
  • My one time pre-natal visit
    is free
  • Sliding scale available.
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