Happy Baby

Welcome to my website!

My name is Verena and I am a baby consultant and postpartum doula in San Francisco. I am a trained doula with 10 years experience as a pediatric nurse in Germany and many years as special needs nanny in the Bay Area.
The time after childbirth is always an important one for a new family. In former times, friends and family were readily available to help, support, and teach the new mother. In modern times, this loving support has often been replaced by medical and daily routine. This means it is way too easy to become isolated.
My motivation is to support parents in their own parenting style. With my experience as a pediatric nurse in Germany, I am a nurturing professional who provides informed, empathetic, and nonjudgmental support to empower the family after childbirth. I can help you understand your child, find the problems why it isn't sleeping, or help you handle special needs.
Getting help does not make you a weak parent, it makes you a wise one.
The first six weeks postpartum should be reserved for healing and resting. New mothers will benefit by having the presence of a doula -- someone who facilitates getting in touch with your inner sense of trust and faith in your body. Women need other women for support,
to talk, and to be able to ask
any question what comes in
your mind.
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